Economic security is the ability of individuals, households or communities to cover their essential needs sustainably and with dignity.ESF empowers women to face the present day challenges by providing them the essential skills, tools and techniques that help to eliminate individual deprivation. Through this, they achieve more self-respect and confidence by their contributions to their communities. ESF encourages women to find practical solutions to their challenges so that each one becomes self-dependent in their own right.

Vocational Training

Objective: To create employment opportunities for disadvantaged adolescent girls in rural areas or women widowed at an early age by providing them training in tailoring skills and sewing machine.

ESF established Radhika Silai and Kadhai Centre at Matiyala Extension Uttam Nagar, New Delhi in the year 2007. Batches of 30-40 girls or ladies are trained in two sessions which are carried out throughout the year. ESF provides training certificates to all the successful participants.

ESF has taken initiative in the formation of SHG for common collective purpose. Members of the SHGs collect money through their small savings and lend money for the constructive purpose. The interest thus collected is being equally distributed among the SHG members. These SHGs are also linked with the local banks to initiate entrepreneurial activities. ESF has also engaged these SHG members in the Mid Day Meal Centralized Kitchen operations thereby helping them in earning decent wages and generating work opportunities in their neighbourhood. Over 10 groups in Delhi and 70 groups in Bihar have been engaged in Nutrition Programme initiative of ESF.

Besides, ESF has also provided skill enhancement training to 20 other SHGs and helped them in getting loans from banks to initiate self entrepreneurial works and earn decent income. This initiative of ESF shall be strengthened further in the years to come to make the members of the SHGs self-reliant and economically independent.