• Urmila Devi

    Trained at Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Urmila is a mother of three children. Her husband operates a small office providing courier services. She trained with Radhika Skill Development Centre and is now operating her small set up in the same space with her husband, thus supporting him with the income and providing good education to her children.

  • Pramila Devi

    Support Staff, Bidupur, Bihar

    I hail from Ramdauli, Bidupur. I lost my husband to illness and after his death my life became miserable. I had no one to support me and faced a very tough time, along with my two daughters.I heard of the kitchen setup and joined the Bidupur kitchen from its first day of operations. My life has transformed over a period of time. I was able to marry my two daughters off and now am living a healthy and peaceful life of dignity.

  • Reena Devi

    Trained at Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Reena’s husband works as a driver. She wished to contribute to her family income to support her husband and provide good education to her three children. She completed her course with Radhika Skill Development Centre and is now working at a boutique and earning approximately 10000 a month.

  • Rekha Devi

    Support Staff, Begusarai

    I come from Sikenderpur, Rajora, district Begusarai. I come from a backward community and was living a life full of miseries. After I joined here, my financial and social condition improved. Now my children are going to school and can also get tuitions as additional help. I had to loan ration initially but now I am debt free. Our status in society has improved and I can save money for my daughter’s wedding. I am grateful to Ekta Shakti Foundation for transforming my life for the better.


    Student at BrahmaShakti Special School

    Akanksha came to BrahmaShakti Special School in the year 2014 and was identified as a slow learner who lagged behind in her studies and day-to-day activities. The special educators started working on her core areas of interest. They found her interest in dance, art & craft. The teachers focused upon her unique skill for dance and helped her build capabilities in the same alongside her academics.

    Akanksha proved everyone wrong who thought her disability was impediment. She not only got selected in many dance performances and sports competitions but also won many medals and trophies for her talent, while competing with normal kids in interschool competitions.

    Today Akanksha is not only an inspiration for other children in BrahmaShakti Special School but also for her competitors from other schools who look out for her performances.

  • Aarti Devi

    Beneficiary of the Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Aarti joined the Radhika Skill Development Centre at the age of 30. She was a mother of three children, with her third child only a few months old. Her husband was a daily wager and his income was not enough for the family. She was not educated but her zeal to do something and support the family was very strong. She undertook the 12-month training program and learned all required skills. With support from the team, she got employment in a boutique and is now earning enough to support her family well.

  • Rajni

    Support staff (sealing) Kitchen 1, Matiala

    I am working here since the past 4 years. I was a housewife and struggled managing the expenses. I was in need of income and some dignified work. I got the opportunity to work here. I am very happy as this work gives me the desired financial support, suits my timings as I can balance work and home. It is giving me a lot of satisfaction, as I too can contribute in some way.

  • Raman Kumar

    Student at BrahmaShakti Special School

    Raman suffers from Apert Syndrome. This is not a very common condition and hence needs close care and support. Raman came to BrahmaShakti Special School in the year 2012 and was in an extremely unmanageable state. He continues to be with the school and during this journey has shown remarkable changes. He has overcome his fear of crowd, his sensory concerns are taken care off and now he can follow commands, respond to conversation and has control on his behaviour.

    He is a very talented boy and found his new passion in playing tabla at the school. Raman has participated in many competitions and has won many prizes for his performances. Raman loves to attend school and is undergoing all therapies as recommended to strengthen further growth and development.

  • Dipali

    Student of Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Dipali joined us when she was 17 years of age, she had lost her mother and lived with her brother and his wife. She completed her education till grade IX. Her bhabhi (wife of brother) did not treat her well. It was because of her that she was not allowed to study further and was forced to do odd jobs. Dipali got support from the Centre. She undertook the training of tailoring and stitching and now works independently at her home. She is earning more than 5000 rupees a month and supporting the needs of the family.

  • Prakash


    I am here for the past two years. Due to personal challenges, I could not complete my education beyond class VII. I was searching for a suitable work as our financial condition was not very good and I wanted to contribute to my family income. I got training from an agency and was placed here. I felt respected and very happy working here and hence did not change my job. My younger brother also got motivated to work and is now under training. My confidence has grown and I feel happy to support my father.

  • Ashini Kumari

    Student of Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Ashini is a very hard working and strong willed girl. She completed her education till grade X and wished to excel further but due to lack of resources, had to take a break. She joined the centre to learn the skill to support herself to complete her education. She underwent the six month basic course and is currently working part time and also studying through correspondence to pursue her dreams.

  • Pushpa

    Support Staff (Cleaning)

    I clean utensils and make sure they are neatly wiped and kept. I also sieve grains properly before they are sent for cooking. It has been 8 years now that I have been working here. When I came here, I had little hope as I am not educated and feared that if I am not able to secure a job then I may not be able to survive. But this job has changed my life; I feel respected, can support my family now and also feel happy to contribute my share for the children through my work.

  • Lakhpatiya Devi

    Support Staff, Vaishali Kitchen, Bihar

    I come from a very poor family. I used to help my husband in his work, but after his demise I lost all support. Our family situation got worse. I joined Ekta Shakti Foundation kitchen and since then my life has changed. This work is my lifeline.

  • Kulaksha

    Student of Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Daughter of Mohammad Faiz, Kulaksha was aged 16 when she joined the centre and was struggling with her life. She completed her education till grade X but wanted to support her family and educate her siblings. After completing her course with, she is currently working from home and earning more than 5000 a month and supporting her siblings to pursue their dreams.

  • Manju Devi

    Support Staff, Begusarai Kitchen, Bihar

    I come from village Akthiarpur, Mufisil, district Begusarai. I come from a very poor background. Our life has changed ever since I started working with Ekta Shakti Foundation kitchen in Begusarai. Now I am able to send all three of my children to school and fulfil their basic needs. I am also helping my husband save money to construct a pukka house. I don’t feel dependant on others and now am able to live a life of respect.

  • Pushpa Devi

    Support Staff, Gaya, Bihar

    I belong to village Dhanawa district, Bodh Gaya. We come from a very poor background. Our family has no farming land, no house and no support. I have three children, and my husband is physically challenged, which leaves all the responsibility of the family on my shoulders. I used to feel very bad as many times I had to ask for food, and educating my children was not possible. Ekta Shakti Foundation kitchen started its unit near our house and I got an opportunity to work here. I started working from the first day of its operations. My life has completely changed in these years. My children are going to a private school; and now I need not ask for help from anyone. I have been able to make our small house which is our own. I own everything to this organisation and wish that it should grow and help more women like me.

  • Gayatri Devi

    Training at Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Gayatri completed her six month course and is continuing her advance level. Her husband is jobless which leaves the responsibility of her two children and household on her shoulders. She works as domestic help and takes stitching jobs to fulfill her needs. With help of Self Help Support Groups and Radhika Skill Development Centre , she aims to complete her course and work full time in a boutique as her future career option to earn a stable income.

  • Geetu Kumari

    Trained at Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Daughter of Ramdular, Geetu wanted to study and support her parents. She joined the Radhika Skill Development Centre a year back, and has completed her 12 month course. After completing her first six months, she started to take work and took admission in her first year of graduation via correspondence. She is earning more than 5000 a month and fulfilling her dream to study and support her family.

  • Aarti

    Student at BrahmaShakti Special School

    Aarti came to BrahmaShakti Special School in the year 2010. She was a special child with slow learning disability. Her father, a rickshaw puller and mother working as domestic help were not able to help her due to their financial condition. The school took complete charge and care of her by providing with all required facilities and education. Hard work of teachers started showing results as soon Aarti exhibited immense interest in sports, art and crafts. The school motivated her to participate in various sports events conducted for special children at all levels – state, national and international. She participated in the international event with support from both the Indian and Australian Governments and won prizes in the organised events.

    Her journey from 2010 to 2015 has been inspirational and today she is a role model for many other students.

  • Premlata Kumari

    Training at Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Premlata completed her education till class IX and got married early. She wanted to support her family and her husband with an additional income, and thus joined the training course. She completed her basic six month course and has now started to earn approximately 4000 a month and is pursuing her advance course with the Radhika Skill Development Centre.

  • Rani

    Training at Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Rani is a bright and sensitive girl. She aspires to train herself with adequate skills to be well equipped for future, in case of any adversity. She is still studying and contributing towards her studies and family income through her newly acquired skill of stitching.

  • Anmol

    Student at BrahmaShakti Special School

    Anmol was a special case. She joined the school in the year 2015 at the age of 12 years. Her father ran a small grocery store locally. Her mother abandoned Anmol soon after she was born. Till the age of 12 years, she knew no food except for milk. Her father took her to many hospitals but none could understand her problem. It was finally at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, when the doctor suggested her special needs of education, and therapies, to develop her food intake habits. She was then brought to BrahmaShakti Special School.

    With the intervention of the therapists and counselling support from BrahmaShakti Special School, she gradually accepted to eat regular food and her health became normal over a period of time. Due to lack of growth, she was a slow learner but picked up in her social and academic performance with support from teachers. She learned to do everything on her own and now is an independent girl. She loves to dance and play new games. With supports from the school, Anmol got admission in a mainstream school and is now leading a normal life.

  • Renu Devi

    Trained at Radhika Skill Development Centre

    Renu Devi, mother of three children, wished to provide good education to them. She completed her secondary school when she got married. Her husband works as a welding mechanic which did not suffice for their needs. Renu completed her 12 month course with Radhika Skill Development Centre and is earning about 8000 a month. With the help of the Self Help Group, she is saving to have her own boutique in future.

  • Savita Devi

    Support Staff, Nalanda, Bihar

    I am a Bahdi by caste and come from a very poor background. I lost my husband quite early which made my situation worse. I still remember it was approximately eight years back that I heard of Ekta Shakti Foundation kitchen coming up here. I got an employment opportunity. Initially stepping outside the house was a big challenge for many social reasons. I took the courage to work and my confidence grew. Our condition started to improve gradually. I am a mother of two children, out of which my younger one is still studying and I was able to get my elder daughter married. Our life is now stable and my sincerity for the kitchen and this work grows each day.