In the year 2003 ten like minded people came together to establish not for Profit Organization with an aim to provide healthy and hygienic food for children. Ekta Shakti Foundation is a not for Profit Organization established with vision that every person has the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life. Our main focus is to provide healthy and nutritious food to every child which is his / her basic right and we established our first kitchen in collaboration with Delhi State Government to provide Mid Day Meal to children under MDM scheme of the government.

We did not limit ourselves in only providing food to children but spread our horizon by starting a small school for children with special of the under privileged and marginalized families.

Believing in the concept of empowerment of women and making young girls self – reliant we started Radhika Silai and Kadhai Kendra to train young women in tailoring and making them self reliant.

I am glad to share that today we have reached to nearly 6 lakh children in providing them healthy and nutritious food through MDM scheme. We have established two centres for children with Special Needs under Brahmashakti Special School and Vocational training centre- Radhiks Silai and Kadhai Centre to assist young women in becoming self-reliant.

Mr. Anil Aggarwal


Ekta Shakti Foundation