In 2003, a group of 10 like-minded people with different expertise began the journey of Ekta Shakti Foundation for the welfare of women and children. Since then, the non-profit organization has been working for the prosperity of children, special children and women. We began with supporting 18,000 children with mid-day meals in MCD schools of Delhi. Today we feed around 8.97 lakh children everyday. In 2006, we established BrahmaShakti Special School to aid the unique needs of special children. We also set up Radhika Skill Development Centre to encourage young destitute women for work. Our hard work has accomplished second branches of both to encourage many special children and women to be self-reliant.

Core Values



President's Message

We look at our journey with a sense of pride and achievement. These years gave us the opportunity to have a better understanding of the strengths that define us, situations that challenge us, environment that derails us, values that invigorate us, pursuits and motivations that compel us. With all of these, we move ahead to the next year marking fifteen years of the existence of ESF. We want to touch the lives of over 20 lakh children and women in need.

ESF also works to promote the mainstreaming of disability and an active dialogue among stakeholders with a view to create a better world for persons with disabilities. The Rehabilitation Services provided to differently abled children at BrahmaShakti Special School focuses on creating enabling and inclusive environment by reaching out to more children affected by various disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Mental Retardation etc.

Till date we have touched lives of around 6 lakh Children under Mid Day Meal Programme by providing nutritious meal to improve their health conditions, while contributing towards increased school attendance. With our mission to feed 2 million children every day by 2020, we will be expanding and replicating our kitchen model to others states in India - most affected by child mortality and morbidity in the upcoming years.

The main objective of Radhika Skill Development Centre is to enhance Women’s quality of life through skill building, engendering an opportunity to become financially empowered. Till date, Ekta Shakti Foundation (ESF) has trained over 1200 women in tailoring skills in Delhi. We will continue to empower women in upcoming years, through vocational skill development plans.

Apart from strengthening our program management teams, we are also focussing on establishing a Management Information System (MIS) and initiate field surveys, evaluations to develop a mechanism to assess the impact of ESF’s interventions. Our Business Development & Communication teams focus on increasing ESF reach to key stakeholders.

To ensure success and maximum impact of our interventions, our team plans to engage with partners and promote maximum collaboration with different domain experts.

We look forward to another year of making this world better in a significant way!

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